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This Sunday, May 12, we'll be concluding our Life of Jesus' series with Pentecost.
Pentecost is a mysterious episode, where tongues of flames seemingly dance on people' heads, folks speaking in different languages, great gusts of wind reign down through the city . . . what in the world is going on??! 
But, more importantly, what does it mean?

Hope to see you Sunday.


Ever wondered what people who lived thousands of years ago have in common with you today?  Probably not much, right?  After all, fashions are different, times are different, technology is different, stressors are different.  Perhaps it would surprise you to know that those who came before us faced the same worries, felt the same feelings, and by and large faced the same challenges – only with different fashions and technologies.  But no matter what they faced thousands of years ago, some found ways be strong, thrive, and be at peace with themselves and with others.


Join us on Sundays as we explore the Bible and see what the experiences of those who lived thousands of years ago hold for us today.


Join us at 10:00 am in person or on YouTube.  We'd love to have you! Prepare to be surprised and have your horizons expanded!

Join us on YouTube:

Built in 1912 this Church has a lot of history and nostalgia and has been home to many many events other than just Sunday Service. The Church has been, and continues to be, home to:  Weddings, Concerts, The Fringe Festival, Bleak Midwinter Film Festival, Movie and Music Video filming, Live Theatre production & much more!

Email us for rental inquiries


Our 2017 Back Porch Story “Opa Stanley” is now posted on YouTube. It is available on our website via the link below

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