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For Covid-related information on events being held at The Lantern, and questions about Candlelight Concerts, check out our blog or our Facebook Page.

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Sundays at the Lantern are more facilitated conversation than preaching.  Our focus is on inclusiveness and belonging – making room for everyone because everyone has a story to tell or a perspective to give.  As has been the tradition of this church since it first opened its doors in 1912, everyone is welcome and valued here.

Click here for our Sunday Schedule and to check out our Sunday slide presentations.

Join us in the sanctuary or on Zoom.


9:45 - Join when you want to gather & visit 
10:15 - Service Begins 

*If you are a first time visitor on Zoom, someone will welcome you in the waiting room to see if you would just like to observe the service, or participate in our discussions.

Join us on Zoom:

Built in 1912 this Church has a lot of history and nostalgia and has been home to many many events other than just Sunday Service. The Church has been, and continues to be, home to:  Weddings, Concerts, The Fringe Festival, Bleak Midwinter Film Festival, Movie and Music Video filming, Live Theatre production & much more!

Email us for rental inquiries


Our 2017 Back Porch Story “Opa Stanley” is now posted on YouTube. It is available on our website via the link below

View Back Porch Stories Videos


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