Upcoming Events

Can't get enough of the Lantern's "Hair-Cutting Guys" from our Christmas Eve show?

They're set to perform their own show later in the year!

The Lantern is honoured to have hosted artists and producers who have entertained audiences and contributed to the community with their gifts:

  • Bleak Midwinter Film Festival

  • Calgary Fringe Festival

  • CBC’s Fortunate Son – TV Series

  • Christina Colyn

  • Corps Bara Dance Theatre

  • Craig Johnson

  • Dean Clark

  • Eily Aurora

  • Esira Dance Troup

  • Gerry Madigan

  • Imagine Performing Arts

  • Javier Vilalta

  • Jenn Beaupre

  • Leaving Thomas

  • Love & The Outcome

  • Patti Falconer Modeling Agencies Fashion Show

  • Paul Brandt

  • Robyn Hauck

  • Sheila Jordan

  • Sophie Armstrong

  • Sophie Stocking

  • Tracy Cumberbatch – Flamenco Dance

  • Western Hospitality Singers

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