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Parking for Candlelight Concerts at the Lantern Church

In short, it can be challenging.

That is because Inglewood, as Calgary’s first community (Calgary’s Main Street was to be Inglewood’s 9th Avenue SE before it was settled to have the CP Rail Train Station where the Calgary Tower is now), has grown organically as a neighbourhood serviced by local shops. Inglewood today still keeps its historical feel and flavour with its artistic culture and boutique shops and eateries; along with its historic houses. The automobile was a new-fangled invention over a hundred years ago for its residents and so not a lot of planning went into parking.

As the Lantern Church was, and is, a Community Church, it is situated in the heart of a residential neighbourhood. Again, parking being at a premium in Inglewood’s residential neighbourhoods, it is challenging to find parking close to the church.

However, there is parking in Inglewood. Please check out this page for suggestions:

Then check out for more information on this historic neighbourhood.

If you have tickets for a Candlelight Concert, why not make the evening more of an experience by finding a place to park and then exploring historical Inglewood on your way to the Church? Check out the different shops and travel the same streets that Inglewood residents have travelled for the last century. It’s interesting to ponder how people throughout the last hundred years in Inglewood would have thought about their time, their lives, and what was important to them. Perhaps one can imagine 1920’s neighbours looking for the latest jazz record to play on their gramophones at home; or the giddy excitement about VE Day being announced and the boys coming back home in 1945’s Inglewood; or the groovy flower children wearing their crazy pajamas and strolling down the streets during the Summer of Love in 1967’s Inglewood. Take the time to explore this charming community with its history and let your imagination be inspired.

While parking for a Candlelight Concert near the Lantern can be challenging, it can also be an opportunity to explore and fall in love with Calgary’s first neighbourhood.

Enjoy your time in Inglewood and Happy Travels!

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