Covid considerations for Performances at the Lantern

Updated: Sep 16

Until further notice, we ask audience members to please observe mask wearing requirements for events and performances held in our church.

How do we know if the Lantern will be open for performances going forward?

Just a friendly reminder that ultimately it is the provincial government in this age of covid that determines if our venue is open for performances or not; and what regulations we follow to host events. As of this posting, we are in Stage 3, which means we can hold performances. Before moving to Stage 3, we were at Stage 2 with limited capacity for audience members. Before Stage 2 we were at Stage 1 where performance venues were shut down until further notice by the provincial government. So, again, in this age of covid it is the provincial government which determines whether we are allowed to host performances or not. We write this as a reminder so that if the province moves us back to Stage 2 or Stage 1 at a later date, there is no need to send emails to the office asking if performances will go ahead. The key thing is to keep an eye on Alberta government covid guidelines.

Questions about events and performances held at the Lantern

For ticket holder questions about upcoming performances, we respectfully ask you to contact the event organizer. We do not have the resources to respond to emails and voicemails with event questions from ticket holders; so those requests will go unanswered. We are not the event organizer, we are only the venue where the event is being held. We appreciate and thank you for your understanding.

Feverup/Candlelight Concert Series - Contact Information

Again, the Lantern Church is only the venue for events, not the actual organizer of the events.

For Feverup/Candlelight Concerts, please contact Feverup via email at:

Or, contact them via phone at:


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